On the Emerging Founder-Steward and Creative Leadership Model

To Open Doors for Others

Abi Mapua
2 min readMar 13, 2020
One of the many innovators and quotes that inspire my work and HIFI. You can see this lighted at the HIFI Campus lobby.

Experiencing the Hub of Innovation For Inclusion (HIFI) grow in the last 5 years — from idea to infrastructure, from inspiration to an institute — and open its arms to the public has been a reflective and learning journey. We always think that brilliant minds and capable hands give birth to vision and a legacy of programs. Yet in truth, the founder is a child of the vision. The act of creating and authoring is the vision’s method of birthing a founder-steward in us.

HIFI Team and our greeting. This hand sign is the Filipino Sign Language (FSL) for Benilde HIFI. Standing from left: LA Aguilar, Alex Abear, Kakuei Araral, TQ Antiqueno, Rona Eclarin. Seated from left: Br. Michael Valenzuela FSC and Abi Mapúa.

While it has been pure adrenaline and a whirlwind, the lessons from the 5-year journey to get to here rings loud and clear.

[Creative] Leaders are founder-stewards. They get to open doors for others. Doors for opportunities. Doors for promotion. Doors for self-actualisation. Doors for finding ones self and discovering limiting beliefs. Doors for deep conversations. And most importantly to open doors of hope and a future that we can shape.

I cannot be happier, prouder, and grateful that HIFI is able to do just that.

HIFI reminds us to be high fidelity. Stay the course. Keep the course.

Play the video above or read more about us at: https://www.adobomagazine.com/featured/design-the-hub-of-innovation-for-inclusion-hifi-is-a-high-and-mighty-promise-for-a-new-generation-of-problem-solvers-and-industry-movers-shakers/

Thank you AdobO Magazine for the feature. Blessings to the Benilde HiFi Team for being such great stewards.



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